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I empower progressive, culture-conscious organizations to attract and retain diverse talent so that they can thrive and soar in this competitive market.

I also work with leaders and teams to amplify their energy, passion, and strengths, resulting in an engaged and powerful workforce.

Diversity & Inclusion For Beginners

Full Day Immersive Workshop

The Experience:

  • Full-day interactive workshop for up to 25 people

  • Two 45-minute prep calls with you to discuss your organization, issues, and goals so that I can customize the day

  • 30-minute conversations with up to 4 participants pre-workshop to further customize the experience

  • Resource sheets/handouts/email content for all participants

  • Giveaway for one lucky participant

  • I stay onsite for up to 1 hour after the workshop to answer any immediate questions

  • 30-minute post workshop debrief call to share my observations from the session

  • Follow-up virtual meeting 2 weeks after the session to answer questions


What we’ll cover

  1. Positively focused Inclusive Leadership training

  2. Implicit/unconscious bias awareness and training

  3. (re)Engaging your underrepresented employees

  4. Moving from an environment of tolerating to one of nurturing

  5. Creating an environment where bi-directional open dialog is encouraged

  6. Changes to make in your hiring process to attract diverse talent

  7. Creating an environment of belonging for all employees

60-90 Minute Workshops

The Experience

  • 60 to 90-minute workshop tailored for your group/organization (for up to 25 people)

  • Resource sheet for all attendees (hard & soft copy)

  • 30-minute pre-workshop call to discuss what you want to get from the class

  • 30-minute post-workshop debrief to share my observations from the class


I offer a wide variety of topics including:

  1. Diversity & Inclusion

  2. Unconscious/Implicit Bias

  3. Using your Strengths to Drive your Success

  4. Communicating for Change

  5. Taking Action Towards your Goals

  6. Empathetic Leadership

State of the Organization Assessment

The Experience

  • 60-minute interviews with up to 10 leaders in the organization

  • 45-minute interviews with up to 12 individuals in the organization

  • Interviews with HR/Operations to gather data on attrition

  • Creation of custom anonymous survey to distribute to the rest of the organization

  • Distribution and collection of responses to the custom survey

  • Analysis of interviews

  • Analysis of survey responses

  • In-person presentation of findings to include:

    • Current state and the impact it’s having on your business, employees, and clients

    • Recommendation for changes and the impact they will have on your business, employees, and clients

  • Written report of findings

  • Optional – in-person focus groups to discuss “how things are” and come up with internal suggestions to go along with my recommendations

    At the conclusion of the assessment and delivery of findings, I will offer delivery of consulting, coaching, and workshops at appropriate to address the challenges and opportunities that are uncovered during the assessment.

Custom Coaching


I work with you and your staff one-on-one & in groups on:

  1. Dealing with their stress and overwhelm

  2. Strength-Based Coaching

  3. Empathetic Leadership

  4. Employee Engagement

  5. Diversity & Inclusion

  6. Customer Engagement


For details, pricing, or inquiries, Click the button below to contact me. 

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