Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging, Equity…

What does it all mean, and how is your organization handling it? Like many, you are overwhelmed with the topic, the language, and the prospect of bringing your company or NPO up to speed. I’m here to help!

I empower organizations like yours to attract and retain diverse talent through coaching, training, facilitation, and consulting. The job market is highly competitive right now, can you afford to lose good employees, or limit your potential talent pool?

Open Dialog Coaching

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Do you have minorities or other underrepresented people working in your company?

What about women in your technology departments?

How about LGBTQ employees in your organization?

  • Are you supporting them so that they can do their best for you?

  • Are you giving them permission to fail & ways to fly?

  • Are you giving them what they need to succeed in your environment?

  • Do you understand their particular struggles and challenges?

  • Do you understand the unique value they bring to your organization and how to harness and to tap into it?

  • Do you know how to nurture this value and help it grow, help them grow?


If you answered no or “I don’t know” to any of these questions and you want answers I can help. As a member of the LGBTQ community and having worked as a woman in technology for 20+ years, I have a unique vantage point from which to help businesses become a more welcoming, nurturing place for all humans to thrive. I can help you and your organization open up a dialog with all of your underrepresented employees, benefiting you, your bottom line, and the people who work for you.


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I empower progressive, culture-conscious organizations attract and retain diverse talent so that they can thrive and soar in this competitive market.

I also work with leaders and teams to amplify their energy, passion, and strengths, resulting in an engaged and powerful workforce.


Diversity & Inclusion

Including, but not limited to

  1. Positively focused Inclusive Leadership training

  2. Implicit/unconscious bias awareness and training

  3. (re)Engaging your underrepresented employees

  4. Moving from an environment of tolerating to one of nurturing

  5. Creating an environment where bi-directional open dialog is encouraged

  6. Changes to make in your hiring process to attract diverse talent

  7. Creating an environment of belonging for all employees


Lunch & Learns


I offer a wide variety of topics including:

  1. Diversity & Inclusion

  2. Unconscious/Implicit Bias

  3. Using your Strengths to Drive your Success

  4. Communicating for Change

  5. Taking Action Towards your Goals

  6. Empathetic Leadership


Custom Coaching

I work with you and your staff one-on-one & in groups on:

  1. Dealing with their stress and overwhelm

  2. Strength-Based Coaching

  3. Empathetic Leadership

  4. Employee Engagement

  5. Diversity & Inclusion

  6. Customer Engagement


For details, pricing, or inquiries, Click the button below to contact me. 

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